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Architectural Plans:

• Floor Plans.


• Sections.


• Details.


• Mechanicals.


• Elevations.


• Perspectives.

Mechanical Design:

• Prototypes.


• Layouts.


• Assembly Drawings.


• Patent Drawings.

Technical Illustration:

As-Built Drawings:

3D Models:

Designed from scratch, conceptual ideas or detailed plans.

3D models can be sectioned, measured and illustrated to insure accurate engineering & design integrity for manufacturing, presentations, advertising and much more.

Indicating existing conditions of practically any object or structure imaginable.

Simply indicate the need, and we'll produce as close a representation as possible of the existing entity.    

Web Meeting:


Design consultation anywhere from Connecticut to Calcutta without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Exploded Views for:


   • Presentations.


   • Visual Aids.


   • Instruction.